I always had a talent for art so it was natural that I pursued it further, in my case Rotherham Art
College, South Yorkshire. Throughout the years that followed I experimented with various styles
before settling down to what suited me.
As you look at my work you will discover the subjects that interest me, from marine, landscape,
figurative to fantasy and abstract. Apart from art my other interests are music and dancing, so it’s
only natural that I have a section on dance as it’s a great subject to paint.
The history of art is long and varied and an interesting subject on it’s own. one can learn a lot from
the endeavours of others, my real understanding started at art college and has gone on ever since.
An artist who impressed me as a youth was Linford Donovan. I bought her “Learn To Paint” book
and it made me realize that an artist must use his own individuality and not just copy what he sees,
at the same time of course I was discovering the great artists of the past and present
My medium is either acrylic or oils, applied by brush, palette knife or colour shapers, I always use the best paints and materials
and that applies to my prints as well, which are also varnished for extra protection, there is a superior glass on the market by
the way that ensures extra protection against sunlight, but failing that, always keep your prints out of direct sunlight.
Thanks for visiting and come back soon, your most welcome.